Spork, by Kyo Maclear, illustrated by Isabelle Arsenault


Just when you thought there were no good books out there about adorable cutlery, think again! Little Spork feels like a lonely outcast, never needed at the dinner table, never able to hop into the sudsy bath of dish soap with his silverware family after a meal. He tries to look more spoon-ish, or more fork-ish, but both attempts fail miserably. Will he ever find his place in the world? I loved reading this book with a class of Kindergartners, who were absolutely delighted at the end of the story when Spork saves the day just by being Spork. The underlying message of being true to oneself is very clearly communicated without being overly obvious or sappy. My students picked up on it right away and commented that they were happy Spork was able to find his way without changing himself to look like the other silverware. While I think the target audience is kids between the ages of about 4 and 7, I know older kids enjoy cute picture books too, and reading this book aloud would be a fun and stress-free way to introduce a more serious topic like peer pressure.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How would you describe Spork?
  2. How does Spork feel about himself? Why?
  3. Why do you think Spork tried to look more spoon-ish and fork-ish? Did he fit in with the other spoons and forks?
  4. What is the “messy thing” that doesn’t follow any of the rules with forks and spoons?
  5. What makes Spork the perfect fit for the “messy thing”?
  6. We all feel like Spork sometimes, and nobody fits in with everyone all the time. What are some ways that you are unique like Spork? Do you know anyone in your class or at school that might feel like they don’t fit in? How can you help them feel good about being just the way that they are? How can you include someone so that they don’t feel left out?

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