Little Elliot Big City

A little elephant with a big heart

Little Elliot, Big City
by Mike Curato

This is the story of a tiny elephant that lives in New York City. Little Elliot struggles with being so small, and one day the worst thing happens- he tries to buy a cupcake but nobody notices him! While he’s feeling sorry for himself, he notices a little mouse who can’t reach the food he wants. He helps the mouse, and the two of them become friends and the next day, the mouse helps Elliot buy his cupcake. 
This story and its illustrations are just so darn adorable and it so sweetly portrays the theme of friendship and how friends can work together and help each other. 

How cute is Little Elliot?

I think children of all ages will enjoy this story but it will probably have the largest impact on kids between the ages of 4-7.

After reading, try asking the following questions:

1.Why was it difficult for Elliot to be so small in the big city? What did he have trouble doing? (He had to be careful not to be stepped on, he had trouble opening doors, he couldn’t catch a cab)

2. What did the mouse have trouble doing? (The mouse was too small to reach the trash can for its food)

3. How did Elliot help Mouse? How did Mouse help Elliot? (Elliot lifted Mouse up to reach the food in the trash can; Mouse stood on the tip of Elliot’s trunk to buy his cupcake)

4. The last line of the story says “Elliot finally got his cupcake! And something even better.” What do you think Elliot got that was even better than a cupcake? (A friend to share the cupcake with)

5. One way to be a good friend is to be helpful. What are some ways that you can be helpful to your friends? Are there any ways you can be helpful at home?

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