They All Saw a Cat

A book about different points of view

They All Saw a Cat
by Brendan Wenzel

I really enjoyed reading this book, which shows what one cat looks like to various animals. A fish sees the cat as HUGE and through his fishbowl, a mouse sees the cat as a terrible monster, a worm “sees” the cat as the vibrations of the cat’s footsteps, and a flea sees just the cat’s fur from its point of view. The illustrations in the book are really vibrant and engaging, and children will love looking at the world through the eyes of different animals. 
When I taught Kinder and 1st grade, one of the social/emotional skills we focused on a lot throughout the year was empathy. We played games, read stories, and role played to imagine what others might see and feel, and we had many discussions about “perspectives” and “points of view.” I recommend using this book to get your child thinking about how people (or animals in this case) can experience the exact same thing very differently.

Here are some questions you can ask to get them thinking:

  1. What does the mouse see when it looks at the cat? How does the picture make you feel?
  2. What do you see in the picture of the flea? How is it different than what the bird sees?
  3. What do the pictures of the snake and skunk make you think about how their eyes see? Do they see the world in the same way that you do? (Snakes’ eyes see infrared light/heat, and skunks have very poor vision and mostly see black/white)
  4. Do you think all of these animals feel the same way about the cat? Which animals might want to play with/chase the cat? Which animals might be afraid of the cat? 

Did you read this book with your little ones? How did they like it?

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